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Self Defense Book

You're heading to your car in the parking lot...alone.

As you are getting ready for bed, you hear glass breaking downstairs.

You are surprised by someone who wants to take you somewhere against your will.

Julie Greene's DEFY the Bad Guy - Powerful Practical Self-Defense Strategies for Every Woman book, talks, and seminars will show you how to use the Three P's of Personal Safety to keep your self safe.

Prevention strategies keep the Bad Guy as far away as possible. What you can do to protect your home, your car, and in your travels. Make it too difficult for the Bad Guy to attack.

Perception techniques include Practicing Awareness so you can see the Bad Guy coming, as well as learning the body language to change the Bad Guy's Perception of you as a Hard Target.

Power - using your body, your brain, and your subconscious to disable and escape from a close-quarters attack.

These are simple self-defense tips, techniques and strategies that you can use to protect yourself and your family -- no martial arts classes to take, no pepper spray, handguns, or tasers needed.  All you need is the passion to make sure you get home to your loved ones. Defy the Bad Guy - self-defense for women. 

Elbow  Julie Greene demonstrating self defense techniques for women. This is for everybody, no matter what size, shape, or experience. You have the power to keep yourself safe!

Make your Personal Safety a Priority...

Before it's too late!

Arm your subconscious for safety & discover how to:

  • Create powerful shields that protect you from violence
  • Practice awareness to detect the bad guy before he gets close
  • Develop intuition to help you predict a violent situation
  • Set boundaries that will keep you safe from the bad guys you may meet
  • Defend your boundaries with a powerful stance and voice
  • Escape from danger using predetermined plans
  • Disable your attacker with devastating strikes
  • Visualize your self-defense success

Give your group the gift of safety and confidence! Call Julie to find out how your group can learn to DEFY the Bad Guy at 757 453-DEFY (3339). We look forward to hearing from you!

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